Clas Svahn

Advice to a ufologist

1. Don't invest your soul in a case. When new facts surfaces that may explain the observation you may not be able to see them.

2. Never get too friendly with a witness. You may well get into a position where you find yourself defending the person instead of the facts.

3. Don't read just UFO books and choose carefully of what you are reading. The solutions to most of the cases you will ever investigate are to be found in other sources. (With the exeption of Allan Hendrys "The UFO Handbook" and some other rare items.)

4. Always remember to distinguish between facts and opinions. A persons description of what he or she has experienced is just one of many pieces to build an investigation on - not the answer.

5. Never stop looking for new facts. The more facts you have the more likely it is that you will find the answer - the less facts you have the more likely it is you will turn up with a "UFO".

6. Real UFO:s are very rare. If you think you have found one you have probably not investigated the case thoroughly enough.

7. Always make your results available to other researchers even if they do not share your views. It happens that other people may be right and you wrong.

8. A UFO is an Unidentified Flying Object - an object that has not been identified in spite of a rigorous investigation made by an objective researcher. Never forget that.

9. "Kill your darlings". Always be prepared to give up your favourite ideas when new facts emerges.

10. In UFO research there are no authorities, just hard working private investigators with the same flaws and problems as any person, but - hopefully - with more experience and knowledge about a topic that has so many answers.

11. Your task is not to defend UFOs or ufology but to make a job so good that your work does not have to be put in question.

Clas Svahn