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UFO-Sweden - a brief presentation

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  • The organisation UFO-Sweden (UFO-Sverige) was founded in 1970.
  • All investigations, publications and other activities are made on a strictly non-profit basis with the subscription incomes from our magazine as the sole base for all our work - beside our own input of money.
  • Our magazine UFO-Aktuellt (four issues a year) have today 1.000 subscribers. We also publish a small publication six times a year called Rapport Nytt and a newsletter - in English, since 1990 - (published by the Archives for UFO Research) four times a year.
  • 15 local groups, scattered all over Sweden, are connected to UFO-Sweden. They all have their own activities.
  • Our archives - situated in Norrköping - is one of the largest in Europe and possibly in the world. Here we keep a couple of thousand books and magazines from all over the world and a news clipping archive encompassing articles from 1946 to this date, mostly from Sweden but also from USA, Norway and other countries. More than 16000 case histories are also placed here together with videotapes, audiotapes, pictures and UFO-paraphernalia.
  • The aim of the organisation is, according to our statutes, to "counter-balance uncritical thinking, unjustified disbelief or blind faith concerning the UFO phenomenon."
  • Another aim is of course to research and evaluate reports of unidentified flying objects over Sweden. Every year more than 300 reports are forwarded to UFO-Sweden. After thorough investigations natural causes are found for 90-95 percent of the observations. Very few CE 3 and CE 4 cases are reported in Sweden.
  • Some very good observations, in broad daylight with more than one witness, have been investigated during the last years. In one case, from August 1991, a cigarr shaped object with a sound from a "motor" passed a small town near Umeå. The case was investigated by the local Secret police and found "unidentified".
  • The investigations are made by more than 50 specially trained researchers. These are educated by UFO-Sweden at special courses held once every year. All investigations are supervised and controlled from two central units in Sundsvall north of Stockholm. The Sundsvall unit is also responsible for the publication of a yearly report on UFO-cases researched by UFO-Sweden.
  • UFO-Sweden work closely together with the Swedish Defence Institute and the Meteorological Society.
  • UFO-Sweden corresponds with most of the major UFO organisations over the world. A special interest have been focused on the former communist countries.
  • UFO-Sweden has a long tradition of openess and will to share results and publications with other groups. Our attitude to the phenomenon is based on research and not speculation. We are open to any answer to the phenomenon and do not advocate any pet theory. This standpoint reflects in our magazines as well as in our public lectures.

    Clas Svahn, Chairman of UFO-Sweden